The United States once again sanctions Chinese enterprises, two major connector companies on the lis

The website of the U.S. Department of Commerce issued a press release, claiming that 49 Chinese enterprises would be included in the sanctions list. This time, Biden, under the excuse of 'responding to the threat of Chinese military enterprises', demanded that the trading and investment of these enterprises in the United States be prohibited from August 2, 2021. The executive order also required that if the trading and investment had occurred, the relevant assets must be sold before June 3, 2022, A total of 59 enterprises were sanctioned

It is engaged in the R & D, production and technical service of high-end relays, connectors and component cables. It is a high-end field and high-end product R & D of China's electronic components industry; It is mainly engaged in the research, production and technical services of high-end relays, connectors and component cables. It is one of the major enterprises in the high-end field and high-end product development and production of China's electronic components industry. The company operates in cross regional and group operation, and has subsidiaries in Shanghai, Suzhou and Zunyi respectively. High end relays, connectors and component cables are applied in aerospace, aviation, electronics and other fields Weapons, communications, transportation and other fields.


At present, China's connector market is in the stage of breakthrough in mid end equipment and complete initial industrial chain configuration. Only a small number of high-frequency and high-speed high-end processes / products still need to be conquered. With the continuous growth of China US decoupling expectation, it is an inevitable process for us to start to reduce our dependence on us and overseas supply chains, In fact, most of the requirements of domestic connectors can be replaced! Under the siege and attack of the U.S. government, more domestic connectors should break through the siege in the future. Changjiang, the domestic manufacturer of industrial connectors, which is doing a better job at present, has always regarded the replacement of foreign products as its corporate mission (the localization of imported brands also depends on Changjiang connectors). With the continuous enhancement of decoupling expectation, more connectors with a sense of mission will fulfill their mission in the future, More and more alternative products are coming out, and it happens that at present, foreign connector enterprises are facing the problem of long delivery time. Especially recently, due to the epidemic situation and the continuous rise and shortage of raw materials, the delivery time has been extended for many times (Jae, MOLEX, TE and other foreign connector enterprises have changed the delivery cycle one after another due to the rising price and shortage of raw materials, This also brings opportunities for domestic connector manufacturers to replace domestic ones. The connector industry is a typical labor-intensive industry, and the prices of labor and raw materials are rising sharply at present. This is a difficult hurdle for the current domestic small and medium-sized enterprises, and it will also become the main external force to seize the market and improve competitiveness, In the past, China's connector industry was mainly OEM and imitation, with weak R & D and innovation, and no independent intellectual property rights and industry standards; In recent years, there have been some improvements. For example, some domestic connector manufacturers have participated in the formulation of cable and connector specifications. After years of development, the connector industry has the potential to compete with overseas brands, and some connector industry products have begun to be branded. Government procurement and large enterprises have also begun to use less overseas brand connectors, the main domestic brand connector products, For example, Sichuan Huafeng, Guizhou Guihang, Luoyang AVIC optoelectronics, Shenzhen Changjiang, Derun electronics, Changying precision, jinxinnuo, Weifeng, etc. under the push of these connector manufacturers, the localization of connectors will be accelerated! Compared with other components, the dependence of connectors on product standards is more obvious; Without product standards, it is impossible to guarantee the coordination of male and female connectors, and the connectors can not work at all! One of the development trends of modern electronic product standards is integration and systematization; In other words, product standards of components are often formulated at the system level, which is conducive to the vertical integration of the industry. The content of standards often appears in the form of communication protocols. Connectors are promoted to a higher level for standardization, which will inevitably lead to a wider range of connector standardization, and the content of standards will become huge and complex, This will greatly increase the difficulty of standard formulation: more organizations (including connector manufacturers) will participate in the formulation of standardization, more industries will be involved, and more interest games of standard formulation participants will be involved, such as the requirements of standards on product performance level, the ownership of new patents generated by new standards, and the licensing terms and fees of existing patents quoted by standards; The formulation of standards has become more complicated, with higher technology density and content, and the market requires shorter formulation or update cycle of standards. Shenzhen connector association has been making outstanding contributions to the leading brands in the connector industry in terms of technical links and coverage of industrial products and customization of data standards! Organize relevant industry technical training, reserve industry talents for connector industry! Last four days of registration ¦ “ The training course of 'connector patentee' will start on June 5. In the future, the connector Association will lead to open more relevant training courses! Accelerate the localization of connectors!