Chuanglian was elected as executive director of Shenzhen connector association!

On the afternoon of March 28, 2017, the fourth meeting of the first Council of Shenzhen connector industry association was held in Changjiang connector. Xu Liangjun, director of the association's expert committee and professor of Beijing University of Posts and telecommunications, and more than 30 representatives of the association's governing units attended the meeting.

The meeting entered into the theme, reviewed the list of new members according to the association's articles of association, elected Shengling electronics and other enterprises as members of the association's Council, and elected members of the association's standing council. The meeting successfully elected five executive directors: ZTE, baijiatai, Changjiang connector, Chuanglian precision and Xingke Jiexin; Xiong Yufeng, general manager of Chuang Lian precision, the newly elected executive director, said that being elected as the executive director is the recognition of the industry and Association for the strength of Chuang Lian precision, an industry honor, and also means more responsibilities. The company will continue to invest in research and development in the field of electrical connectors, improve the level and strength, and actively participate in the activities of the association to support the development of the association.