What is usb-if certification?

In order to support and promote the market and users' recognition of USB compatible peripherals, Intel established the USB implementers Forum (USB if) with its peers in 1995. At present, usb-if has accepted more than 10000 corporate members (usb-if members have exceeded 10000!), The board of directors is composed of representatives from zijer systems, HP, Intel, Microsoft, NEC and Philips. At present, the board members are changed to HP, Intel, Juji, Microsoft, Renesas electronics and Enfa semiconductor.

USB implementers Forum (usb-if) is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and developing universal serial bus technology. USB organization provides standard transmission interface specifications, making the connection between computer and peripheral devices much easier. Generally, information products applied to USB include printers, keyboards, screens, network devices, scanners, etc. USB if itself is a voluntary logo certification.


Key one: why apply for membership of USB association

With the popularity of USB type-C application, the authorization of usb-if association is inevitable. First, you need to apply for membership of USB Association, and then do TID product certification for individual products. At present, if you want to obtain the authorization of USB4, a medium-sized enterprise needs to prepare at least 300000 RMB from membership fee, test fee, authorization fee, etc. to obtain the production and sales right of this product, At present, the total number of members of the usb-if association has exceeded 12000 by logging on the official website of www.usb.org. Compared with 1025 in December 2017, the number of members has increased by 10 times in four years. The speed is amazing. Among them, the number of Chinese manufacturing enterprises accounts for more than 90%. If the annual fee of the association is 5000usd per year, Every year, this part alone contributes 60 million to each USB Association in the United States. Moreover, this part is only the basic membership fee. There are about 1000 active and continuous paying members of usb-if, and the annual membership fee is also 5 million US dollars. This part does not include other expenses such as sending samples, testing authorization and so on! Products using or bearing USB logo are subject to TID Association certification. The purpose of this test is to ensure that the quality of all USB devices meet the requirements. These tests do not validate every part of the USB specification, they are only intended to provide reasonably acceptable metrics. There are two ways for products to be tested: to participate in the compatibility test conference sponsored by usb-if or to hand over the products to the approved private test laboratory (GRL releases the summary of thunderbolt 4 test points and the technical comparison of USB4). If the product passes the compatibility test, it will be listed in the list of USB integration manufacturers, get a TID number, and have the right to use the USB logo.

Key 2: test content of the Association

USB peripheral device certification test can be divided into three categories. The first is electrical characteristic test to verify the signal quality of products under different application architectures. This is followed by functional testing to examine higher-level product details, such as support for standard requirements and device enumeration functions. Finally, the product interoperability test is used to determine the interaction between the tested product and other USB devices. GRL Shanghai became the first global supplier of thunderbolt ™ 4. Authorized Laboratory of full product certification (including technical dry goods analysis)


Key 3: why USB authentication?

USB certification is generally based on the requirements of the client. The USB functions used on the products of brand manufacturers generally need to apply for USB certification. After the USB products apply for the Association certification, they can use the USB logo to obtain the TID number of the USB products. If USB products want to use this logo and have the TID number, they must first apply to the USB association to become their members. Only after they have membership can they apply for component certification. At present, if they are purely OEM enterprises, they can not use the Association certification.