The structure and advantages of AOC composite cable

Why are there AOC series products

Since the emergence of black-and-white TV, the connecting wires for transmitting image and sound have appeared. At first, RCA, VGA, S-Video, BNC and other analog connecting wires were used in the early analog TV and other audio-visual equipment. Later, with the demand for high-definition image and high fidelity audio, digital TV and ultra high definition high fidelity audio-visual transmission equipment appeared, Nowadays, the resolution of ultra high definition TV can reach 4K, 8K. There are also new digital interface transmission wires such as HDMI, DP, DVI, type C, etc. but the copper cable transmission distance of digital interface transmission wire is generally not more than 20m. In reality, people often need the transmission distance of 20-100m or even longer. Therefore, a variety of high definition signal extension products have been developed, But all kinds of schemes are not satisfactory. Until the emergence of HDMI optical hybrid cable AOC products with VCSEL laser as the light source and multimode fiber as the transmission medium, the problem of long-distance transmission of ultra long HD signal has been solved perfectly


Introduction of AOC series products

At present, the application of HDMI AOC fiber long-distance transmission has been popular, but HDMI AOC still has some disadvantages. The following are the six disadvantages of HDMI AOC

1. There must be directionality. It is found that the wrong direction is installed only after several wiring manufacturers have finished the decoration. This is a devastating problem in long-distance wiring,

2. The four fiber cores inside the hybrid cable are delicate and easy to break. Once the fiber core breaks, the whole line will be scrapped

3. It's not easy to go through the pipe and wall for a long distance. The HDMI a head is too big and the cable is too thin. There was once an 80 meter hard pull through the pipe, which broke the cable without feeling.

4. The built-in VCSEL laser still has a certain probability of damage and can only be scrapped as a whole line.

5. Single signal, HDMI, DP, DVI, USB4, USB3.0 wiring, a high-definition signal layout AOC cable, high cost.

6. Unable to upgrade, hdmi2.1, dp2.0, USB4 and other signals will be popularized in the future, and the old model of rewiring will be invalid


Maintenance plan for AOC of HDMI optical hybrid cable

At present, the industry generally does not consider the after-sales maintenance of HDMI optical hybrid cable AOC. At present, Dongguan quanlian Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd., the recommended supplier of cable yellow page 2021 launched by cable friends circle, has launched two maintenance schemes for HDMI optical hybrid cable AOC installed and wired in the market. The details are as follows for your reference

(1) Hot melt method: using welding machine technology to weld 4-core optical fiber, 7-core cable and copper wire.

(2) Cold connection method: the 'fiber HDMI multi-core connector' provided by all-in-one optoelectronics is used to connect the 4-core optical fiber, and the traditional welding method is used for the cable.

A detachable and installable optical network composite cable

In order to completely solve the problem that the AOC is damaged and cannot be repaired, Dongguan quanlian Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd. has launched a patent product, detachable UHD cabling transmission system, which can completely solve the six disadvantages of HDMI AOC and has the following eight advantages:

1. Interchangeable direction, no fixed direction requirement

2. Repairable, active and passive separate installation, easy to find fault and maintenance

3. Detachable

4. Easy wiring, like network cable, easy to pass through the wall and pipe, easy for engineering personnel to accept wiring

5. It can transmit many kinds of HD signals, and one composite cable can be used for more than 20 kinds of HD signal transmission

6. It can be upgraded easily to hdmi2.1 dp2.0 USB4 in the future without wasting wiring resources. One time wiring is effective for life.

7. Expandable, network can be upgraded to 40g cat8, optical fiber can be upgraded to 4-core, 6-core, 8-core, 12 core, OM3 to OM4, om5 can be easily upgraded.

8. One line multi-purpose, can be applied to all UHD transmission + network transmission + optical fiber transmission. In the 5g era, one optical composite cable and more than 20 kinds of interfaces are fully equipped. picture

Introduction of cat.5e + fiber structure of optical network composite cable

The composite cable is composed of a cat.5e UTP cable with OD 5mm outer diameter and a single optical fiber sheath composite cable with OD 2mm diameter. The optical fiber sheath of OM3 contains 4-6 OM3 multimode optical fibers and Kevlar reinforcing wires. It can also be upgraded to 8-12 multimode optical fibers or OM4, om5 series multimode optical fibers; The structure diagram and technical parameters are as follows: