Chuanglian precision sincerely invites you to participate in the 3rd International Wire and cable ex

1 Introduction to the exhibition

The 3rd International Wire and cable exhibition 2017 is an international event of cable industry jointly sponsored by humen information transmission cable Association, Shenzhen connector industry association and Asia Pacific cable connection innovation technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. and has been greatly supported by all trade associations and the government's great help. This exhibition focuses on the cable industry only with the theme of intelligent manufacturing USB type C. Unlike other cable exhibitions mainly based on information transmission, this exhibition aims to lock in and invite precise customer groups for exhibitors in advance, hoping to help enterprises connect with precision customers directly during the exhibition. And invite cable manufacturers, wire and cable buyers, international retailers, traders and dealers at home and abroad to visit and purchase, and create a wire and cable industry event with both domestic and external sales, which will provide global business opportunities for all kinds of products in the supply chain of wire and cable industry.

Time: May 7-9, 2017

Venue: Dongguan Humen International Exhibition Center

(400 enterprises, more than 20000 professional buyers, sincerely invite you to participate

2. Exhibition overview

Sponsor: Humen information transmission cable Association

Shenzhen Connector Industry Association

Co organizer: China wire and Cable Association

Organizer: Asia Pacific Cable people club

Dongguan ostrich exhibition planning Co., Ltd

Gold support unit:

People's Government of Humen Town, Dongguan City

China Electronics Group 23 Institute

Anhui electric wire and Cable Association

Yuyao wire and Cable Association

Henan electric wire and Cable Association

Optical cable branch of China Electronic Components Industry Association

Suzhou photoelectric cable industry chamber of Commerce

International electric power and Electrical Association of India

Iran electrical cable Association

Russian national wire and Cable Association


3 scope of exhibits

[usb3.1 complete production plan (production, processing, testing, etc.)

High efficiency equipment for production of electric wires and cables

Intelligent wire and cable processing equipment

Accurate wire and cable testing instrument

[type-C, charging pile special area

Leading wire and cable automation equipment (machine replacement)

[manufacturer of wire and cable, optical fiber connector and terminal '

[cable materials and accessories

4. Highlights analysis

[three days offline display + online exhibition that will never end '

The exhibitors can not only display the products of the enterprise during the exhibition by the combination of offline and offline display. After the exhibition, the Asia Pacific Cable people club provides cable famous B2B platform services, and unconditionally displays the products to achieve the exhibition that will never end. The enterprise will participate once and benefit for life.

Time saving, labor-saving and efficient intelligent equipment display area

The exhibition has set up a special area for intelligent cable manufacturing equipment, which fully demonstrates high efficiency production and processing equipment.

Publicity before exhibition and trade in exhibition period

The organizer of the exhibition will promote the exhibitors in advance, accurately target customer groups for publicity, and invite accurate customer groups to attend the exhibition directly to achieve the professional purchasers who have demand to find the corresponding exhibitors to negotiate business during the exhibition.

[machine change, general trend

The problems such as high labor cost, large waste of human beings, high rate of defective products caused by human error and product quality production have been problems that have been perplexing enterprises and can not be improved. Therefore, the exhibition has special intelligent manufacturing equipment zone to help enterprises realize machine replacement and save labor.

Resources sharing in thousands of industries

In addition to inviting professional purchasing customer groups of wires and cables from more than 10 countries and regions such as Vietnam, India, Europe and America to attend the exhibition, we also seamlessly connect with the precision customers of 18000 cable industries in the world (except China) of Asia Pacific wire and cable, and share 18000 precision customer resources of UL company and 30000+ cable industry resources of Asia Pacific Cable platform.

[four professional forums and product conferences shall be held at the same time:

1. global safety and regulations certification Tour (500 people) - Uber International

◆ latest development trend and latest application of global cable

◆ the first ceremony of safety and regulations manual and China cable Yearbook

2. USB type C mass production Summit Forum (400 people) - Shenzhen connector Association

3. Forum on charging pile materials and connection and assembly industry (400 people) - aibang polymer, Humen information transmission cable Association

4. large scale lecture on the spirit of Chinese refined craftsman

5. Recommendation of Chuanglian products

创联精密 诚邀您参加2017第3届国际电线电缆展览会

USB type C rivet shell

创联精密 诚邀您参加2017第3届国际电线电缆展览会