Chuanglian precision launches thunderbolt 3 series connector

On March 4, 2019, the USB Promotion Organization announced that the USB4 architecture will come in the second half of 2019. The USB4 protocol will be developed based on the lightning 3 protocol. The transmission rate can reach up to 40Gbps, and can provide up to 100W power. It can be connected with external graphics card, two 4K displays or a single 5K display, and is downward compatible with USB2.0 standard and lightning 3. USB4 standard realizes the fusion of underlying lightning and USB protocol, and enhances the compatibility between products based on USB type-C interface.

At the same time, Intel announced that it will open the lightning protocol specification to USB promotion organizations, and manufacturers can build chips and devices compatible with lightning standards free of charge. It can be seen that USB4 and thunderbolt 3 will be fully integrated into the next generation of high-speed data transmission specifications. Moreover, from usb3.2, including USB4, the traditional usb-a and usb-b interfaces have been completely abandoned, and type-C will become the only one.


The cl0132 solution is developed on the basis of husb332 chip (eMarker) recently launched by innovative link Chuanglian precision and hynetek huinengtai. According to various applications and compatibility feedback of customers in the market, the scheme makes a series of performance improvement and reliability improvement. Husb332 can be carried on USB2.0 cable (5a cable), USB3.0 cable, usb3.1 cable, usb3.2 cable and 40Gbps cable.

The main features of husb332 are as follows:

Get the latest USB pd3.0 certification, TID 875.

Remove the decoupling capacitors on vconn1 and vconn2 pins, and implement the scheme of zero peripheral devices.

CC, vconn1 and vconn2 pins support 25V high voltage protection.

It can support 3 40Gbps high speed data communication.

Support modal operation command.

The get manufacturer info command is supported.

Multiple burning and burning lock are optional.

Husb332 supports dfn-6l package, w


Innovative link's USB 3.1 coaxial line paddle card (cl-0.132) with husb332 has passed the TID certification, and can support 40Gbps data transmission at most.


     At the same time, innovative link precision adopts Richtek Liqi chip rt1731 model to design and develop cl-0144 scheme. Through the certification test of the association, it has initially realized the serialization of supporting lightning 3emarker chip. At present, Chuanglian precision has become one of the most manufacturers supporting type C application scheme in the industry.


▲Innovative link USB 3.1 coaxial line with rt1731


The features of Richtek chip rt1731 are as follows:

Support usb-c interface and PD protocol

Support SOP '/ SOP' communication

Support host authentication

Supports additional modal operations

Integrated two side RA resistor

Integrated double side isolation diode

Storage of VDM data using multiple write memory

Support users to write structured VDM data through CC pin

Write protection for multiple write once memories

Support writing VDM data through I2C interface

Support 3V to 5.5V power supply from vcon1 / vcon2

Vcin1 / vcon2 / CCIN all support high voltage protection

Package wdfn-8l 2x2

WL-CSP-8B 0.96x1.64 (BSC)

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