USB 3.1 tpye C male head full series products mass production shipment!

According to usb3.1 type-C specification, Chuanglian precision has officially developed usb3.1 type C male soldered wire products, and has begun to deliver a large number of products to customers. Usb3.1 tpyec provides high-speed solutions for PC, mobile communication equipment and digital product market. The new USB 3.1 type-C interface is essentially based on USB 3.1 and USB 2.0 standards, mainly for thinner and thinner devices, Enhance the usability and pave the way for the performance enhancement of future USB versions.

USB 3.1 Tpye C公头全系列产品量产出货!

At present, the USB 3.1 type-C interface is reversible and can be recognized automatically without distinguishing the positive and negative sides. The speed of the new standard will be increased from 5Gbps to 10Gbps. The coding standard of USB 3.1 will be changed from 10B / 8b to 128B / 130b. The bandwidth loss will be reduced from 20% to about 3%, which improves the utilization. According to its application, it can be divided into different versions. At present, there are 2.0 pull-up and pull-down, 3.0 pull-up and pull-down, 3.1 with PD version. The iron shell can be divided into tensile shell and riveted shell specifications.

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