"Into Chuanglian precision" Longgang young migrant workers visit tour successfully!

In order to enrich the cultural and sports life of the company's employees, improve their work enthusiasm and the cohesion of the company, at the invitation of the company's welfare committee, Shenzhen Longgang cultural, sports and Tourism Bureau and the sub district office hosted the performance of 'walking into the precision of Chuanglian', which was successfully held in the Chuanglian factory on May 27.

The performance was created by the professional performance team of Shenzhen Feitian Culture Communication Co., Ltd. the professional actors showed the staff of creative alliance such wonderful programs as dance, song, magic, tea art, folk arts, face changing, etc. the whole performance process was surrounded by the enthusiastic cheers and applause of all staff, and the performance lasted for 2 hours, By 8 p.m., the curtain had come to an end. The host of the performance group and the person in charge of the company said that similar programs and activities will continue to be carried out for everyone in the future. To achieve 'factory as home' requires the sincere participation and dedication of every member of our creative alliance staff!

This activity is sponsored by the culture, sports and Tourism Bureau and the sub district office. Thank the leaders of the sub district office and the performance team for their support and encouragement to our company, and thank every member of the creative Alliance for their hard work! come on.