The draft of 6.0 0.71 is about to be completed: 256gb / s bandwidth will be officially released by t

According to foreign media, PCI special interest group held a press conference at its annual developer conference, providing the latest information on the development status of PCI 6.0.

PCIe 6.0 0.71版草案即将完成:年底正式发布 带宽256GB/s

This time, the speed of data transmission is doubled to 256gb / s. The 0.7 trial version of the PCI 6.0 specification was released in November last year. The 0.71 trial version will be ready in six months. After testing for at least 30 days, the 0.9 version will be ready. This is the final stage before the release.

PCIe 6.0 0.71版草案即将完成:年底正式发布 带宽256GB/s

From a technical point of view, this 0.9 specification is probably the most interesting. Once the electrical and protocol requirements are approved, the signal integrity requirements will be clearer. As with pcie5.0, it is expected that there will be up to two slots on the home motherboard due to interference and signal strength issues.

After version 0.9, there are still two months to solve the latest problems, and then the final version 1.0 will be released. Around that time, that is, in the second half of 2021, the first batch of PCI 5.0 products are expected to enter the enterprise market. It is reported that PCIe 6.0 will use 128B / 130b encoding mode and adopt pam4 data transmission

Pci-sig organization is very excited about the standard of PCI 6.0, and thinks that it is comparable to the upgrade from PCI 2.0 to PCI 3.0, which is the longest lived standard in the history of PCI.