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USB 2.0A Female
USB 2.0A Female


1. The specification  

1.1: Rated current and voltage :1.5AMP. 30V/AC  

1.2: Electrical: insulation resistance (EIA-364-21):100m ω min,500V/DC voltage 1 min.  

Contact resistance (EIA-364-23): maximum 30mΩ, maximum 20mV, maximum 50mA.  

Insulation withstand voltage (EIA-364-20): no discharge, over flash or breakdown of 500V/AC for 1 minute.  

2. Mechanical characteristics:  

2.1 Insertion force ≤25N  

2.2 Pull force ≥12N  

2.3 Durability 3000 cycles  

2.4 Environmental Performance Requirements:  

2.5 Operating temperature -55℃ ~ +85℃  

USB 2.0A Female

USB 2.0A FemaleUSB 2.0A Female