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USB 2.0 CM 5A high current 750PTC CL-0161
USB 2.0 CM 5A high current 750PTC CL-0161

1. Material:

Shell: SUS316 L, T=O.18±0.01mm Terminal: C7025, T=0.2±0.1mm.

Hook: SUS304 3/4H, T=0.40±0.01mm. Rubber core: LCP+30%G.F.UL94V-0.

PCB board: FR-4, glass fiber.

2. Electrical characteristics:

Insulation resistance: 10OM min 500V DXC. Rated current: 0.5~5A.

Rated voltage: 30V /Ac

Withstand voltage: 100v AC/1 min without breakdown and leakage current ≤0.5mA.

After the test, the cable should be able to work normally. (Test equipment: AMC high voltage tester) Contact impedance: 40mmax.

3. Mechanical characteristics:

Insertion force: 5N20N (0.492kg1.968kg) max. Extraction force: 8N~20N (0.787kg~1.968kg) min. Number of insertion and extraction cycles: 10,000 times.

Terminal retention force: 9.8N (1kg) min.

Shell plating sandblasted ammonia nickel 8OU' MIN terminal gold-plated 15U” salt spray 48H environmental protection requirements: ROHS/REACH/HF